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  • Thanks for sharing @angela middleton . I'll be sure to check it out. ------------------------------ Marie Medina The Corporate Butterfly ------------------------------

  • Thanks for sharing @Dawn Feltner . Great questions! Sometimes we just really need to stop and breathe. The book Free to Focus says " To truly start, you must stop." IL dolce far niente/Sweet idleness. The book also talks about efficiency vs productivity: ...

  • Right? Me either. ------------------------------ angela ------------------------------

  • Thanks for sharing Angela! Some great tips and insight here, never knew there was a name for the "good" stress. ------------------------------ Dawn Feltner ------------------------------

  • Hello Dawn. ACMP Texas had a presentation yesterday 12/5 on this very topic - stress. Here's the link to the recording - Navigating Stress in a World of Change . ------------------------------ angela ------------------------------

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  • My response is not specific to M&A, but since my recent work takes a unique and provocative stance on culture, here are some ideas for your consideration, thumbs-up, and thumbs-down. My comments reflect a partial (not full) success story from the past ...

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