Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to ACMP Connect! There’s a lot to explore and you’re encouraged to engage however it best suits your needs.  Navigate around the community to get a feel for what’s available, and then build your ACMP Connect community experience!

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are four suggestions for jump-starting your journey (click a link to jump to more information below). 

  1. Update your profile to add your photo and demographics
  2. Join relevant communities
  3. Ask or answer a question in a community discussion forum
  4. Connect with others via the Member Directory
As an added bonus, you'll earn ACMP Connect Engagement points for completing these activities.  You'll be well on your way to earning digital community swag (badges and ribbons) and maybe even landing on the Most Active Members leaderboard! Learn more.


Update Your Profile

Much of the value of ACMP Connect lies in the connections you’ll make with your fellow Change Management professionals.  Updating your profile helps you appear less like a digital stranger and more like a real person and helps you get connected with other like-minded peers based on shared expertise and experiences.

To add a photo and other demographics to your profile, choose Profile > My Profile from the main navigation bar.  Update your photo by using the Actions drop-down under the photo or avatar to select Change Picture, and use the yellow Add buttons to complete the applicable demographic fields.  For more detailed instructions on updating your profile photo and information, click here.

While you’re updating your profile, take a peek at your Privacy Settings (available in the My Account tab on your profile) to ensure your profile visibility is set to your liking.  You can find more information about this here

Update My Profile

  Update profile photo and demographics


Join Relevant Communities

All ACMP members have been added to the All Member Connect community with a Consolidated Daily Digest subscription.  This is a great place to ask questions or browse others’ conversations and shared resources across a broad range of Change Management topics.

There are also a number of communities focused on specific professional interest areas – like Agile Change Management, Enterprise Change Management, Integrating Coaching & Change Management, and more.  Navigate to Communities > All Communities to explore these communities and Join those in which you have an interest.  Upon doing so, you’ll be able to indicate how you’d like to receive email updates from that community to stay abreast of conversations happening there (Tip: to include a community’s activity in your Consolidated Daily Digest (the same daily email notification you receive from the All Member Connect community), choose ‘Include’ under Consolidated Daily Digest and choose ‘I would like to opt-out of receiving email notifications’ under Discussion Digest).  Once you’ve joined a community, you’ll be able to contribute to discussions and share files within it.   

If you choose to join additional communities, you may want to consider updating your Community Notifications to a Consolidated Daily Digest to minimize the number of emails you receive from ACMP Connect.  Learn more about adjusting your Community Notifications.    

Explore All Communities


Ask or Answer a Question

Now that you’ve explored the various communities available on ACMP Connect…go ahead and put them to work by asking a question of your peers! Do you have a specific question about a project you’re working on right now? Is there a high-level strategic question or topic on which you’d love to hear your peers’ insight? Don’t be shy – post your question (after all, that’s precisely the purpose of ACMP Connect)!

From the main navigation bar, select Engage > Start a Discussion.  If your question is related to one of the professional interest communities you’ve joined, select that community in the “post to community” drop-down.  Otherwise, choose the All Member Connect community.  Enter a descriptive subject line, type your question, and press Post.  Your question will now appear in the community you selected, and you will receive real-time email notifications when others respond to your post.

If you don’t have a question today, perhaps you have an answer! From the main navigation, select Engage > Browse Discussions to see what others are chatting about.  Tap on a thread subject to view the entire question or conversation, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the topic by pressing the blue Reply button to join the conversation.

You can also tap the 'Like' button on posts you find especially helpful.  Doing so lets the poster know you appreciate their contribution.  

Remember, there are no wrong answers – the value of our community comes from the collective knowledge and experiences of all members, and your contributions can make an immense impact on the professional lives of your peers.    

More detailed instructions for participating in discussions can be found here.  

Ask a Question



Connect with Others

ACMP Connect is a great tool for building a professional network of folks who spend their time thinking about and working on the same types of projects, strategies, and challenges as you.  Your community connections become your rolodex of Change Management professionals that you can reach out to when you need some insight.

Visit the Member Directory by selecting Engage > Member Directory from the main navigation.  Use the Member Directory’s Name section to find and connect with specific individuals, or explore the additional search options to find others in similar industries or who live and/or work near you.  Once you identify a person with whom you’d like to connect, tap the Add as Contact button to send a contact request. 

The community will also organically place you into Networks based on the demographic information you provide in your profile – like your Industry, Languages Spoken, and more.  These Networks are designed to help you connect with like-minded individuals within ACMP Connect.  From My Profile, visit My Connections > Networks to see the Networks available to you, then click on the Network name or Members button to see and connect with others in your Network. 

Search the Directory