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    It means you registered without an invite. If you send me your mobile number, I can invite with one on my invites. You can send me your number by email hello@thechangeleadership.com or LinkedIn. Invites can only be sent by mobile/cell number. ------------------------------ ...

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    @Yvonne Akpoveta I'm interested to join the club. i signed in and the last step I got to was that my username was reserved. My registered username is @florence_ville. ​ ------------------------------ Florence Villones ---------------------------- ...

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    Don't worry @Dana Daly , you are not alone. Hahahaha! Suddenly got curious with this Clubhouse hype too, because I have a friend who's been looking for members who can fill in a limited slot in his Clubhouse. I really wasn't minding it, until I read ...

  • I think that mental health, or at least here in our environment, can be interchangeable with wellness and well-being, should be given importance and attention. I would like to relate this with how change saturation is perceived, based on one of my conversations ...

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  • Hi David, Very interesting! Thank you for sharing the reference. I do agree that as OCM, we do need to make our nudging easy and down-to-earth so that our stakeholders can quickly relate with it, and hence, accept the changes faster. A common blunder ...

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    Coincidentally clubhouse opened clubs today. And I was finally able to get a club 'Change Management'. ------------------------------ Yvonne Akpoveta ------------------------------

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