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  • Posted in: Innovation Lab

    As we mentioned at conference, one of our first learnings is the value that Tim's illustrations brought to our conversations. After having met with our UN colleagues several times to get the lay of the land and grasp the change they were facing, we had ...

  • Posted in: Innovation Lab

    @TAMBEI CHIAWAH Yes! A detailed approach to how our lab will self-measure still needs to be crafted. Many of us have been involved in innovation labs before so maybe there are ideas that worked which we can leverage. Got any easy-to-read matrices yourself? ...

  • Posted in: Innovation Lab

    Thanks, Louise and Kaitlin! I am interested in participating in any and all activities, depending on my availability and your timeline. If that involves helping develop the lab, even better! Once you have a core group assembled, I expect you will conduct ...

  • Posted in: Innovation Lab

    Hello Kaitlin, Thanks for bringing up the discussion about activities as we strive to develop the lab. I think the vision and charter tell it all. Applying innovative and viable practices in change management will involve establishing measures of success ...

  • I had an experience recently where I felt so strongly that I was in a group setting where I did not belong. I couldn't wait to get out of the situation. It was such a strange feeling and it made me reflect on what makes us feel like we belong or not. ...

  • Hi Lee Anne, I just so happens that our OCM team is leading a Core Values program within our organization of roughly 2500 people. Here is a high-level summary of what we're doing. Hopefully you can glean some ideas from it. Here are our program workstreams ...


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