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  • Hello, Excited to be a part of this community. After years of serving in a project manager and business development manager roles, I was focused on to manage the change management projects especially focused on process and digital transformation. ...

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    Morten, I really have enjoyed your podcast, "What Monkeys Do." You had some great guests, and your insights are fantastic as well. Thank you for mentioning it. ​ ------------------------------ Trish Nikolich ------------------------------

  • Hello! I've been practicing Change Management for 12 or so years, initially as a part of my role as a Project Manager, then as a CM practioner. I started in the healthcare industry and now work in the Energy & Utilities space. I love to learn new things, ...

  • That is the question. I'll be getting my second vaccine shot soon, so I was kind of looking forward to seeing the change team again in person. I still enjoy working remotely, but I also believe that occasional in-person contact helps form relationships ...

  • Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in any software solutions for managing enterprise change management? Looking for a way to manage and convey to leadership the overall change project portfolios resourcing, timing, change saturation ...

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    Sharon, Thank You. Hearing your experience, learning, and change in approach, is excellent. I've added it to the list of valuable inputs received from this generous community. (I will share back our analysis.) The Y2K story is clever. We are educating ...