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    Every year organizations and leaders go through annual planning for the year ahead. Employees document their professional goals. Yet, how can we align them so there is Line of Sights at each level from top <--> bottom? Has anyone here implemented CM ...

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    Great question and contributions from all! I will add my thoughts as well... Learn it all mindset - continuous learning of new areas and vulnerability to acknowledge do not know everything, but can figure it out with each step in the path of ambiguity. ...

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    my most favourite, most simplistic: PMs prepare a solution for the organization... CM prepares the organization for the solution BHAM ! Cory :-) ------------------------------ Cory Friesen ------------------------------

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    While I can't speak to specific "change management" newsletters, we have produced many newsletters as part of change initiatives. My word of caution centers around the purpose of the newsletter, whether newsletters are a primary channel within the organization ...

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  • Hi Wes! Thank you for posting this and I will make sure to register for the following new member session. Kristin Lovett ------------------------------ Kristin Lovett ------------------------------

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    Hi, BJ, Greg & All! Thanks for the reinforcement that Change Intelligently leading from the Heart, Head, and Hands is a key competency for change professionals today and into the future! Indeed, since any change needs an effective purpose (Head), an ...

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