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  • Posted in: Midwest Chapter

    Love to see the interest! Let's see if we can get five folks and figure out timing and next steps! Kristine ------------------------------ Kristine Reynolds President, ACMP Midwest President@acmpmidwest.org Chicago ------------------------------

  • Posted in: All Member Connect

    Looking for a best practices resource for delivering OCM training and practice in: Chile, China, Netherlands, Germany, Jordan. ------------------------------ Gehrig Wiles ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Carolinas Chapter

    Totally agree Jonathan. ------------------------------ Zahira Floyd ------------------------------

  • Hi Adriana, Thanks so much for posting this article. I read the bio of the author and I love that she brings a number of other influences to her work including music, photography, sailboat racing, and massage therapy (! -- most interesting!) I relate ...

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  • Posted in: All Member Connect

    Hello! I'm look for some help on ideas for an Oracle Cloud ERP Awareness campaign. We are currently doing a Video Recording and Broadcast Email campaign. I would greatly appreciate any ideas on what other vehicles have been successful in reaching employees ...

  • Posted in: Midwest Chapter

    Hello, If this gets off the ground, I'd love to participate. I haven't submitted my completed application yet; just waiting until I'm more confident with The Standard so I'm ready for the exam. A study group would be perfect! ------------------------------ ...

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