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  • Posted in: All Member Connect

    I agree with @June Klaphake . "Wired to Resist" is a powerful read and I highly recommend it. As others have said, anything by David Rock is fascinating and informative too.​ ------------------------------ Scott Siler ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Ontario Chapter

    Hi Arti I live in Hamilton and mostly work in the Burlington office right now. email me and we can schedule a meeting nance@executivecoachglobal.com looking forward to connecting All the best Nance ------------------------------ Nance MacLeod ...

  • Posted in: Ohio Chapter

    Thanks for the great tip, @Stephanie Bell ! I just joined several Professional Interest Communities. It's very easy to join, set notifications and navigate between communities - including our Ohio Chapter.​ ------------------------------ Tina Neer ...

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  • Posted in: Ohio Chapter

    @Kate Nelson - thanks for these great options. I rely on the Pocket Guides and will definitely by ordering the Eight Constants of Change. I also particularly like Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Change Management ...

  • Posted in: All Member Connect

    Is change management a commodity? Is it becoming a commodity? Is it seen by organizations as a commodity? Some of my colleagues have noted both an increase in the number of postings for change management practitioners and a decline in the rate that ...

  • Posted in: All Member Connect

    Good question and good answers all around. My summary and takeaway: 1) Change management is needed when the change affects people and depends for its success upon people changing what they do. If people are not affected, if the change is not dependent ...