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    Love that empathic triad, @Barry Bridges . It's important to look at empathy from those dimensions. ​ ------------------------------ Monika Messick ------------------------------

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    Enjoying this discussion, was very timely for me. We have a Management Circles group that meets on Friday mornings, mentoring up-and-coming managers for our organization. Our current source for discussion is a Focused Leader kit that came with my ...

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    This has been a fun thread! Although, upon reading everyone's comments, I'm surprised complexity was not mentioned. Change may not be hard. However, change can be complex. And the older, larger, and more distributed an organization is, the more complex ...

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    @Robert Bogue , I totally agree with the importance of "willingness." At least, that's been my experience.​ ------------------------------ Peter Plumeau ------------------------------

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    Hi Hayley. This looks great but it will be early hours of the morning for me. Are you going to send a recording to those who register? Alison (South Africa) ------------------------------ Alison Coates ------------------------------

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    @Peter Plumeau , you're absolutely right that some organizations pose a MUCH bigger challenge in the empathy space than others. I've found that the key is to get the primary leader of any given group onboard in advance, through private discussion. Once ...

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