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    Gehrig - I'm happy to trade quotes if you'd like "Where is the man who council can bestow, who is proud to teach and yet not proud to know." - Alexander Pope. However, in reading between the lines, it sounds like you're unhappy with the tentative nature ...

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    OK, I can try to host, at least for a while. No promises! :-) I read through posts 1-25 (May 25-27) and tried to organize. Feedback, please. www.innovationelegance.com/thought-leadership/mass-shootings ------------------------------ Robert Snyder - ...

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    Symptoms vs root causes. "He who dares not offend cannot be honest." Thomas Paine ------------------------------ Gehrig Wiles ------------------------------

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    Gehrig - I don't know that I'd describe the piece that you're referencing as "extensive." It not only directly confronts the issue that we've been discussing here (gun violence) but also dips it's toes into other sensitive subjects. The problem is ...

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    @Robert Snyder - Thanks for sharing the Wilson-Lowi matrix. I hadn't run across it.​ I also love the idea of how we structure the measurement of what we're proposing. What can we do vs. what we hope to achieve. One of the things that I've been ...

  • Hi Wes, Sounds like heaven :-) I have already filled in the volunteer form a month or so ago, this was the reason for asking on the forum. I wasn't sure what the next step would be and when I might hear if there were still volunteers needed :-) ------------------------------ ...