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  • Hello all, Excited to be a part of this community, so here are my answers to the introductory questions: After years of serving in a project/program manager role, I was able to incubate and establish the change management capacity at a division ...

  • Hello from a fellow Canadian, @Mumtaz Chaudhary ​. Congrats on having opened your own consulting firm. I'm curious, what countries have you been doing work with? Have you noticed any differences in how your clients in other countries approach change ...

  • Hello everyone! Similar to the folks here, I got into change management via training about 15 years ago. I was a training lead on a large ERP implementation project in a post-secondary environment and was fortunate enough to be coached and mentored ...

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    Every month we share an interesting article with People Leaders and All staff. Previous topics have been around working remotely, power in the face of uncertainty, finding the bright spots, coping with big changes, developing resiliency and much more. ...

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    Thanks for sharing this Edward, we are also getting into analytics s part of change portfolio management process and had no idea where to start. I will be happy to share my progress during the next two quarters. ------------------------------ Hilja Namutenya ...

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    Thanks Lillisn for sharing ------------------------------ Hilja Namutenya Katshuna ------------------------------

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