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  • Hi Data Driven Change Management members! This is a short note to let you know the September virtual conference call is cancelled. We'll pick back up in October! Thanks! ------------------------------ Cristin Chao ------------------------------

  • Thanks Rich for this info. Looking forward to reviewing! Regards, ------------------------------ Bradley Hall Allstate United States ------------------------------

  • @Bradley Hall I must have missed this first time around! I've done a lot of work in developing change agent networks to become a integrated networks ​within organizations delivering change successfull by doing change "with" the people experiencing ...

  • Happy to share! Attached is my full list of questions - with instructions to business owners leading change. The groupings are in sequential order of how they should be answered. ------------------------------ Aliyah Heinze-Giardello --------------- ...

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  • Any thoughts from the group on this subject? Thanks! ------------------------------ Bradley Hall Allstate United States ------------------------------

  • Such a great conversation with amazing ideas!! I haven't yet quantified the results of our impact analysis but i love the idea of an OCM Calculator, and the categories of "Transactional, Operational, and Transformational"! My impact analysis are simply ...

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