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  • Thanks Paul - I love the point around flexibility. I think that is difficult for PMs to understand because it introduces uncertainty and ambiguity. Your examples of your thinking around framework vs. methodology were helpful. Funny though - I think ...

  • Hi Lisa, I also perceive it the way you do. In my org we use "framework" and "model" almost interchangeably - they are high-level and outline the WHY and WHAT. A methodology (that would include a playbook) is the HOW, a step-by-step implementation guide ...

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    Hi Tami, I used the sections up to Challenges as the basis for table discussions with a group of senior leaders. It was a good way to get the group to focus on the challenges of doing change well and how to improve outcomes. In the past I have found ...

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    Jennifer, thank you for posting. We have a similar challenge relating to providing visibility to the leadership relating to the requirements for each location from the "home office." We are planning a shared calendar to provide visibility. Each department ...

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    The book The Heart of Change: Real Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations by John P Kotter and Dan S. Cohen has a few strong examples of change management that I have used in my own training. ------------------------------ Anjen Mc ...

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    Hi Veronica, our organization is concerned about confidential information being shared. Does AI prevent this from occurring? I see it's becoming increasingly popular maybe there are more security measures in place? I think our organization is not the ...