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    Hi Diana, I have worked with a group of executive sponsors on campus. Susan' Perry's framework is close to what I've done. Happy to share my process and outline. You can reach me directly at kalnbach@uoregon.edu. Best Chuck ------------------------------ ...

  • Thanks so much Dana! Glad to hear you found it helpful. If you have any questions let me know Andrew Ourique Reroute Consulting Inc. rerouteconsulting.com

  • Thanks for the reply Robert. Looking forward to the White Paper read. Will you attach it here when it comes out? I think the AI tools are "getting smarter". I am able to describe the style, and tone I want to see the reply in and I see a marked improvement ...

  • Great article Andrew - appreciate you sharing the link. There was no place for me to "share" to LinkedIn or I would have promoted it. ------------------------------ Dana Houston Jackson Change - With a Coach Approach Principal and Managing Director ...

  • Great contribution Nzama, but ween need to work out with our community members a six-word story like statement.. ------------------------------ [Hatem] [Shehab] ------------------------------

  • Well, popping over to AI Scholar to search the academic research says the percentage of learning that occurs on the job may vary significantly across different studies, industries, countries, and educational programs, and the given percentages reflect ...