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    Hi all! My organization is looking to revamp our change management process/strategy. We just built a new department dedicated to transitions and change management - there are two of us on the team currently (looking to add a few more in the new year). ...

  • Hi Robert, Yes! It is nice to continue our change management interactions here at Global, and ACMP-MI! Thank you again for another thoughtful response. I want to think about what you wrote and respond tomorrow! ------------------------------ Jeneen ...

  • That is likely a root cause of the problems you're seeing--everyone has different priorities. Once I learned to insist on cross-organization alignment on rank-ordering, it solved some critical issues. That is, make the exec team rank-order initiatives; ...

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    Thank you for sharing, I had no idea there were so many tools out there for change management. ------------------------------ Marioly Perez ------------------------------

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    You've raised a really interesting point, Jeff. These fields often seem separate, but there's a strong case to be made that they're deeply intertwined. Organizations are made up of people, and those people are part of broader communities. The challenges ...

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    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the the ACMP and loving all the resources and insight from everyone in this community. This is my first post and appreciate your input and experience. I am in a new role Leading Change Management for our HR Group. ...