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  • 1.  Alternative naming for "Change Management"

    Posted 2024-06-03 15:54

    I am in discussions with various clients / prospects who have communicated that "Change Management" naming as a term/phrase doesn't really land with them... their response "It's too big" / "What does it include". While I could spend time educating them on Change Management, it seems like these stakeholders do not want to get past the initial discussion to learn what it entails.

    These people include folks from Private Equity and Corporate (Strategic) Development buyers. Do you use other naming for Change Management for these persona / stakeholder groups? What works well for you in your discussions with these client / customer types? Some ideas that come to mind: "Strategic enablement" / "Operational excellence"?

    Jennifer Thompson

  • 2.  RE: Alternative naming for "Change Management"

    Posted 2024-06-04 20:36

    Strategy Development (This is more Change Leadership) & Strategy Execution (Change Management)

    Leslie Ellis
    Founder & CEO
    Meaningful Change Consulting, LLC